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Solving the Homeowner’s Debt Dilemma through Bankruptcy

This article is brought to you by Ben Korman. Owning a home in a professionally managed community can be both a blessing and a burden—on one hand, you get maintenance services, security, and recreational amenities. On the other hand, you must pay not … [Read more]

Thanksgiving in Columbus Ohio

I love the holidays and Thanksgiving in Columbus Ohio is a great time! Besides the Thanksgiving holiday itself, it’s the beginning of many Christmas related events. Below you’ll find a list of things to do in Columbus Ohio over Thanksgiving weekend. … [Read more]

Columbus Brew Adventures

I’m very happy to have the opportunity to tell you about a new place in Columbus Ohio called “Columbus Brew Adventures”! Bethia Wolf, one of the partners of Columbus Food Adventures will be partnering with Jim Ellison to bring you a new experience. … [Read more]

ALL Luxury Homes – Update Daily

What price range is considered Luxury Property? In Central Ohio, $500,000 and above is considered a Luxury Price Range. Want to see high end homes for sale in the Columbus Ohio area? This page is updated daily with fresh listings that go on the … [Read more]

Scioto Mile Columbus Ohio

If you haven’t been downtown to check out the Scioto Mile Columbus Ohio – you’ll definitely want to do that this summer. What a beautiful area! This has transformed into one of the prettiest areas in the city of Columbus! Along the riverfront from … [Read more]

American Whistle Corporation

The American Whistle Corporation is the only manufacturer in the USA of metal whistles. In business since 1956, they are proud to manufacture a product that aids in safety. These whistles are used in many different places to assist with personal and … [Read more]

Anthony Thomas Factory

The Anthony Thomas Factory is a family owned business and Anthony Zanetos opened the Co-op Dairy at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Broad Street in Franklinton. His idea was to build a family business starting with he and his son. His son was in the … [Read more]

Pink Martini with Picnic with the Pops

Pink Martini is an extremely awesome experience! It’s quite a cross between classical and chamber music, a 1930?s Cuban orchestra, and a Brazilian marching band. This 12 piece “little orchestra” from Oregon is world known. A group of ten to twelve … [Read more]

Book Loft of German Village

The Book Loft of German Village is unique and quaint, and it encompasses one whole city block. Previously in the Civil War era, this building housed general stores, a nickelodeon cinema, and a saloon. Now that space has been converted into 32 rooms … [Read more]

Segaway Tours of Columbus Ohio

Segaway Tours of Columbus Ohio offers a new way of seeing the sites. Instead of walking or riding in a car/van – jump onto one of the Segway i2 gliders and enjoy! This is a fantastic way to see over fifty sites in two hours! You’ll glide your way … [Read more]